A dental office your whole family will love

Looking for your new general dentist for your family in La Crosse? Look no further. At Driftless Dental Care we focus on health for a lifetime whether you are nine or ninety we are here to help you maintain, improve and preserve your smile for a lifetime.


General Family Dentistry

The Driftless Dental Team supports you and your family with comprehensive general and family dentistry services including:


Why is important to have your regular cleanings? Our goal is to help you prevent tooth decay and gum disease, and the best way us to do this is to see you and your family twice a year for your cleaning and check up. During this time we look for anything that may threaten your oral health including cavities and gum disease. During the cleaning, we will also be removing plaque and tartar that your everyday brushing and flossing can miss.


In addition to harming your oral health, gum disease can be painful and uncomfortable. From bleeding and red gums to overall mouth discomfort, treating gum disease in its early stages is critical to success. Our team performs periodontal cleanings to manage the progression of the periodontal disease and can help prevent future advancement, discomfort, and the need for treatment.


Are you an at night teeth grinder? What about a jaw clencher? This is called bruxism and can occur when your sleeping or feeling stressed. A night guard may be right for you. Night guards give your jaw a break and protect your teeth from chipping and cracking that may occur and damage your healthy teeth. Ask the Driftless Dental Care team how you can get started!


Fillings can serve a variety of purposes, but the most common use is still for cavities. Our team will address your filling needs to ensure cavities do not harm your oral health in the future.


Oral hygiene begins in infancy, and proper oral health care and knowledge will last a lifetime. From primary teeth to permanent teeth we’re here to help you keep your child’s smile healthy.


Missing teeth can affect everything from speaking to chewing the foods that you love. Our team will place a dental bridge to fill the gap from either one or more missing adjacent teeth, providing you the smile you deserve.


Dental Crowns

Looking to repair a broken or worn down tooth? A dental crown is a simple way to for us to improve the appearance of a tooth, as well as its function. Contact our La Crosse team to learn more about options for dental crowns.