Restore your smile

Even those with outstanding oral care may need help restoring their smile. We understand this happens dental restoration can be very personal to our patients. That’s why our team at Driftless Dental Care provides customized treatment plans supported by an exceptional quality of care to provide you with the smile you’ve been wishing for.


Restorative Dental Services in La Crosse, WI

Dr. D’Hondt and the Driftless Dental Care team in La Crosse provides restorative dental services including:


We understand that tooth extractions can cause anxiety, which is why our team puts an emphasis on making your experience comfortable. Tooth extractions can be required for a variety of reasons such as removing decay or broken teeth or to allow you to be fitted for the full or partial denture. At Driftless Dental Care we work to make your extraction as quick and comfortable.

Partial + Full dentures

Dentures can be an affordable option for replacing a few teeth or an entire row. Dentures are non-invasive for our patients and can be easily modified to future needs. Our team works with you to understand if you are a candidate for either a partial denture or full denture to improve your smile.


Need a solution for damaged teeth? Dental crowns or “dental caps,” are just that, they fully cover your damaged tooth to improve function and can be treated just like a natural tooth. Dental crowns also have cosmetic properties to improve overall tooth appearance.


Missing teeth can affect everything from speaking to chewing the foods that you love. Whether you are are missing one or multiple adjacent teeth, a bridge may be the solution for you. Many patients prefer bridges because they do not require surgery. For a more permanent solution, Dr. D’hondt also provides dental implants.